Why is the step of FEEL important? It develops EMPATHY

This stage helps students to observe and identify opportunities for change and engage with the user.

Develops 21st Century Skills

Self-awareness, Effective communication, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Relationships, Interviewing, Empathy, Managing Emotions

  • Bust those assumptions by designing with the user and not for the user.

  • Look at the world with fresh eyes and notice the unnoticed. Choose a bright spot or a hot spot using your observation, listening, and attention.

  • Observe the people involved, their behaviour and the environment that exists, try to look for all clues- even the smallest of all.

  • Identify a  person who you would want to interview, draft out your exploratory questions, practice before you step out.

  • Gain multiple perspectives by interviewing a real person involved in your chosen topic.

  • Close the loop of the section by reviewing each and every stage and make a summary of the findings.